Sandisk Warranty ReplacementWhile almost all major electronic companies provide a limited warranty on their products, it was only recently that I had a product that stopped working within it’s warranty period. It was a Sandisk SD card that I had received bundled with my recent purchase of Nikon D3300 DSLR. Sandisk offers a warranty period of 5 yrs on their SD cards, so it was time to request for a replacement.

A little search on Google led me to this page on Sandisk website, where I could ask a question to the support team. I requested for a replacement of my SD card by selecting the exact product (model, capacity etc.) and uploaded pictures of the SD card (front and back – just make sure the serial number on the SD card is clearly visible in the pictures) along with my purchase invoice.

The very next day, I received an email from Sandisk support asking me for more details like my address, contact number etc. The Sandisk support representative then called and informed me the RMA number for my request and that I would need to send the product to their Bangalore address. I got the RMA email confirmation shortly and I shipped the SD card back to them the same day. I also got the replacement SD card 7 days later with a pleasant surprise – they had sent me a Extreme Pro SD card for the lesser speed Ultra SD card that I had sent them.

All in all, an excellent warranty support and hassle free replacement from Sandisk !

After a long wait, Android Lollipop 5.0.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy S4 (Exynos SoC I9500 only) is finally available. It is not the official update but seems to be a legit leak of the final version of the ROM.

The Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update for the Samsung Galaxy S4 features a redesigned lighter Touchwiz along with all the new features from Android 5.0 like the ART runtime for a faster response, a better running apps switching experience, notifications on the lock screen and also a new notifications panel in the dropdown shade. In all, it will provide an all new user experience for the Galaxy S4 which you will be glad to use for the next year before upgrading to a better phone.

The below video from SamMobile compares the new major Lollipop 5.0 update for the Galaxy S4 with the current KitKat 4.4 version.

Instructions on how to install the new leaked 5.0.1 ROM on the Galaxy S4 is available over at XDA Developers forum.

Nokia 130

Microsoft Devices recently launched the Nokia 130 in the Indian market at a price tag of 1649 INR which roughly translates to 27 USD. Yes, it is cheap. But is there a market for a feature phone with the ever reducing prices of smartphones.

While the Nokia 130 may be meant for first time mobile buyers, it can also serve as a reliable back up phone for your existing smartphone. Consider the below statistics:

  • 46 hours of continuous music playback
  • 36 days of standby battery life

While smartphones are no doubt far ahead on everything, there is still one sore factor – battery life. It is hard to go on for a second day without charging a smartphone.

Here is where Nokia 130 steps in. With an astounding battery life, it can be the ideal backup phone for the times when your smartphone is dying on you. For the other times, it can be your music player with 46 hours of music playback.

So are you considering buying the Nokia 130 as a backup phone?

While opening bank accounts is as easy as calling the bank person to your doorstep and submitting documents, the account closure process is the one where you will have to make all the effort.

If you have a HDFC Trading account and are not using it, here is how you can close it without even going to the HDFC Branch.

How to close HDFC Trading Account

  1. Download the closure form from HDFC Securities site.
  2. Fill up the details in the form.
  3. The HSL trading account number can be obtained by logging into your HDFC Securities account.
  4. Also fill in the savings account number / HDFC customer id / DP ID / Demat account number so that HDFC can de link them from the trading account before closing it. These details are available after logging into HDFC Netbanking.
  5. Sign the form.
  6. Send it by post to the address mentioned at the bottom of the form.

Within 5 working days of receipt of the form, HDFC will send you the account closure confirmation to your registered email id.

Took some photos on your Android smartphone and want to quickly transfer it your Windows PC ? Is there a text snippet from Notepad in your Windows PC that you want to send to your Android smartphone easily?

The above situations are present in our everyday lives. In today’s environment, files and documents are spread across multiple devices from smartphones to tablets to laptops each one probably running a different OS like Android or Windows. Depending on the situation as to whether you want to transfer a file or text, we can use a range of apps to share files between Android, Windows PC, iOS and OS X.

Keeping files and folders in sync between Android and Windows PC

Perhaps the most well-known of these apps would be Dropbox which has a client available for Windows as well as Android. Simply load all your files into Dropbox and they will always be in sync on both Android and Windows, no matter where you access and modify them and no need to plug in your mobile as well. Dropbox basic plan comes with 2 GB of storage which is enough space for storing all your important documents.

A notable alternative is Google’s in house option – Google Drive. It works in the same manner except that it provides 15 GB of free space which is shared across your Google Account.

Sharing files between Android and Windows PC

But if you are just looking to transfer some files wirelessly from Windows to your Android phone/tablet or the other way around, the simplest one is AirDroid which lets you manage your files over your home’s Wi-Fi connection.

Also noteworthy is PushBullet which pushes selected files uploaded to onto your Android device. But if you are low on bandwidth or are on a metered connection, AirDroid is the way to go with no additional bandwidth spent on your network.

Transferring snippets of text between Android and Windows

If it just some snippets of text (grocery list, some phone numbers etc.) you want to transfer between Android and Windows, Google Keep is the simplest option. If you are on Windows PC, then open Google Keep in your browser and if on Android the Google Keep app.

The notes remain in sync using your Google account.

If there is one thing that Android still lacks today, it is a seamless sync solution. Anyone who has ever used a iPhone would know how useful iTunes is for syncing to the iPhone. While Android is definitely much more open and easy to copy files to and fro from desktops, there is no double way sync (files new/deleted in phone are updated in Windows and vice-versa) for music even with a data cable.

Sync music to Android over Wifi with doubleTwist

doubleTwist available on Google Play is a great music player and also doubles up as a media sync solution for Android through the doubleTwist client for PC. The app takes your iTunes or Windows Media Player library and syncs it to your Android device.

Two-Way Sync : Any changes that you make to the music files on your Android phone / tablet are also synced back to the PC. So the music library stays updated no matter which device you are using to listen to your music.

AirSync : While syncing using a cable is possible with the free version, syncing over Wi-Fi needs a purchase of AirSync – an add-on feature for doubleTwist. AirSync is available for $4.99 in the Play Store. Apart from wireless syncing, AirSync also features AirPlay which lets you play to Wi-Fi enabled speakers and also Apple TV.

Sync music on Android over WiFiSetting up AirSync

The setup for AirSync is actually pretty simple. Open the doubleTwist app and enable AirSync
under doubleTwist settings. A PIN will be shown in the settings which will need to be entered on the doubleTwist PC app as shown below. This is required to authenticate your PC to be synced with your Android phone.

Once done, the syncing over Wi-Fi starts. The first sync will take quite some time especially on a slower connection but subsequent syncs are faster as they are incremental.

Your phone screen will stay on for the entire duration of the sync, so keep it sufficiently charged before starting the sync.

doubleTwist on Google Play || AirSync on Google Play || doubleTwist Sync App



Battery life is one of the things many people overlook when buying a smartphone. With increasing number of apps on smartphones coupled with HD displays, most of us struggle to get through for a day without charging our phones. While stock Android shows the remaining battery capacity in the status bar, it does not show the battery percentage. While this is possible through some programs like Battery Widget Reborn, Samsung’s Touchwiz skin already has this feature in it. It is just a matter of turning it on.

This is applicable for all Samsung Galaxy Android flagships like the Galaxy S5, S4, S3, Note 2, Note 3 and also for mid-range phones like the Galaxy Y, Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Grand.

Show battery percentage on any Samsung Galaxy Android phone

  1. Go into Settings from the applications drawer
  2. Click on More and go into Battery settings
  3. Check  ‘Show Battery Percentage’ in indicator.

The battery percentage will now be visible in the status bar.

The ability to personalize the look and feel has been one of Android’s strengths right from the very beginning. While vanilla Android has not provided many bells and whistles, OEM’s like Samsung and HTC have built on top of vanilla Android to provide more customization features like ability to display battery percentage in status bar, notification toggles etc.

One such feature is customizing the phone by installing new fonts. Most of the best-selling Samsung Galaxy Android phones like the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4, Note 3, Galaxy S3,  Note 2, have got a nifty little feature using which you can change the font / install new fonts on stock Touchwiz. This option is also available in the mid-range and low-range phones like Samsung Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Ace and Galaxy Y etc. as well.

Samsung’s Galaxy phones come with five different fonts (Default, Rosemary, Choco cooky, Cool Jazz and Samsung Sans) from which you can choose. These are available in System Settings –> My Device –> Display –> Font. If this list is not sufficient for you, the good news is you have hundreds of more fonts to choose from.

Use Hi Font to install new fonts on Samsung Galaxy Android phones

We can easily install any custom font on the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 using Hi Font. The app is free and has an extensive selection of fonts to choose from.

New fonts on Samsung Galaxy Phone with Hi FontIn the current version, My Font has over 182 English fonts with new fonts added frequently. Installing a font is as easy as select, download and set.

  • Select the font to download and then click on Download
  • After the download is complete, click on Use and confirm in the dialog box that pops up. Hi Font will attempt to attempt to install the new font (Make sure applications from ‘Unknown Sources’ is enabled in Security settings under Device Administration) like a normal app.
  • Once installed, you can then find the font in Settings –> Display –> Font. The changes are applied instantly, no reboot required.

The app also has Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean and Chinese custom fonts for non-English users.

If you have a font locally stored, you can use this app to install and apply that font as well. Just copy it into the HiFont directory on your SD Card.

If you are running a self-hosted WordPress blog, check out Jetpack plugin by Automattic – the team behind Wordpress.

Jetpack for WordPress

Jetpack aims to provide the awesome features of on any self-hosted WordPress blog without any additional integration on your existing blog. The price – free.

While Jetpack has a long list of features (28 at the time of writing this) and many more to come, below are the top 5 features why Jetpack for WordPress is a must install plugin.

  1. stats – Anyone who has had a blog previously, would know how beautifully detailed yet simple the inbuilt stats are. Although nothing beats Google Analytics in detailed reporting, seeing the stats right inside the dashboard is pretty convenient.
  2. Social Network Enabled WordPress Comments – Your readers can use their Facebook and Twitter logins to leave comments on your articles. This not only reduces spam but also provides a better professional look for your blog.
  3. Photon – Images eating into the bandwidth usage for your WordPress blog? Enable Photon in Jetpack settings. Jetpack caches your blog’s images and serves them from lightning fast WordPress CDN. You save bandwidth and your pages load faster.
  4. Contact Form – Yes, but there are many plugins for creating Contact forms. But this Contact form is Akismet enabled.
  5. Carousel – Multiple images on a single blog post? Carousel as the name suggests creates a beautiful way for your readers to view all those images.

There are many more features – some of which are available as separate WordPress plugins. But Jetpack rolls together all of them to deliver a super-charged plugin which does all on it’s own. And yes, you can selectively enable and disable each of the Jetpack features.

The only pre-requisite is you need a account.

WordPress Plugin : Jetpack by

One of the many not-so-useful additions to the TouchWiz Samsung Galaxy S4 is the recommended apps list that pops up on the notification drop-down when you plug in a set of earphones. If you have looked closely, all it does is list the five apps you last used and hence it is not that useful. I like to have my notification drop down as clean as possible.

However, there is an easy way to disable recommended apps in Galaxy S4 without rooting it.

Remove recommended apps in Galaxy S4

  1. Remove Recommended Apps in Galaxy S4Go to Settings
  2. Click on More –> Application Manager
  3. Scroll to the right to show the All Apps.
  4. Scroll down till you find the app ‘PageBuddyNotiSvc’. Click on the app.
  5. Uncheck ‘Show Notifications’.

This removes recommended apps in Galaxy S4 in the notification drop down.