Best Android Icon Packs / Themes

Over a period of time, almost everyone gets bored with the icon theme that comes with their Android phone. That’s why Android icon packs / themes are great – they let you cover up the icons that your phone comes without the need to root it. You can easily spice up your phone’s appearance by applying any of the hundreds of icon packs available on Google Play.

If searching on Google Play is getting tedious and you have not yet found that perfect icon pack, here are some themes to help you get started. We have got round icons, square icons, 3D icons and a lot more!

P.S. – These icon themes work with most of the popular home launchers for Android like Nova Launcher, Apex Launcher,  Atom Launcher etc. You should be using one of these to apply any of the icon packs below.

1. Stark Android Icon Pack

Designed by kovdev, the Stark Icon theme is my favourite Android icon pack so far. The Stark Icon theme features flat Square icons which are colourful and are perfect for minimalists. The icon set does not sacrifice on the use of colour which results in distinct recognizable icons for each application, while being easy on the eye. Till date, the icon packs includes 1300+ icons, so you have a consistent look across your app drawer.

Stark Android Icon Theme

2. Click UI Android Icon Pack

Developed by kxnt, the unique point of the Click UI icon theme are it’s round icons. Click UI is of course not the only round icon theme available for Android but what makes it unique are it’s icon designs. Designing round icons for every apps can be a difficult task but Click UI accomplishes that easily. If you want something unique for your Android, then Click UI just might be it. At present it features 765+ icons with more added every release.

Click UI Android Icon Theme

3. MIUI 5 Android Icon Pack

Designed by Tung91, the MIUI 5 Icon theme as the name implies is based off the hugely popular MIUI ROM for Android. At present it features more than 1900+ icons.

MIUI Android Icon  Theme

 4. Minimal UI Android Icon Pack

Designed by kxnt, Minimal UI icon theme for Android features square icons. This theme is quite similar to Stark icon theme in terms of design guidelines but it features brighter colors in its icons which make it look good on AMOLED screens used in Samsung Galaxy S4 or Note 3.

Minimal UI Android Icon Theme

 5. Cyrcle Android Icon Pack

Another round icon theme but it is very different from Click UI which we covered above. Cyrcle is not a simplistic round icon theme like Click UI but it uses a lot of colors along with layered icons for an impressive look.

Cyrcle Android Icon Theme

6. Tersus Android Icon Pack

Tersus is another icon theme from kxnt, which features square icons which are slightly rounded at the edges. Unlike Minimal UI, the icons are not flat.

Tersus Android Icon Theme

7. Up Android Icon Pack

Up Icon Theme is very different from the remaining themes here. Up icon theme uses shadows in it’s icons and results in quite an unique theme which is very different from all the round, square icons that we have. Nor does it try to mimic another OS like iOS or Windows.

Up icon theme is free and is one of our favorites.

Up Android Icon Theme