Best Weather Apps / Widgets for Android

The ability to have homescreen widgets are one of the biggest strong points for the Android platform from the customization perspective. One of the first widgets that people install on their Android phones are custom weather widgets. Yes, most of the smartphones now come with built in weather widgets but their appearance is not customizable nor can they be used if you are using a custom launcher.

So which are the best weather apps / widgets available for Android?

1. Beautiful Widgets Pro

Beautiful WidgetsBeautiful Widgets is one of the most popular weather apps available on Google Play. The app has different layouts for it’s weather widgets and also offers battery, clock, date and system toggle widgets which can be used to customize the home screens.

Beautiful Widgets also has it’s own skin market which lets you download various skins and themes for it’s widgets. And all the themes are free as well, so endless customization options for making the widget look the way you want.

Pros :

  • Multiple widget sizes and widget formats
  • Huge skin gallery with fresh skins available almost everyday

2. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo WeatherYahoo Weather for Android has been around for a long time but it’s recent update has made it popular among Android users.

Yahoo’s weather app has an unique feature of pulling in a city’s weather information along with matching photos of the location and it’s weather condition from Flickr. For example, if you are in New York and it is raining there, Yahoo Weather will show you a picture of New York when it was raining. The pictures are pulled in from a Flickr group where people submit the pictures themselves.


  • Pretty awesome weather pictures if you live in some of the big cities

3. EZ Weather

EZ Weather Android AppEZ Weather is probably the simplest weather app in the list here. A sleek, minimalist weather app which follows the Holo guidelines to a large extent, EZ Weather widgets go along really well with the stock Google Experience Launcher.

It comes with three themes that you can use in your home screen. There are two widget sizes : 4 X 1 and 4 X2.

As with most weather apps, the location is auto detected by the app. You can add multiple locations for which you want to check the weather.

Pros :

  • Free and minimalist weather widget which gives a concise view of the current weather condition

4. Google Now Weather

Google Now Weather CardNot exactly a separate app but if you use Google Now for your phone (many reasons why you should be) then Google Now doubles up as a weather app/widget for you as well. The widget is a simple 4 X 1 and is displayed along with the remaining Google Now cards on the home screen.

One of the coolest features of Google Now is it automatically displays weather information about your home city and your current city when you are on a trip or vacation.


  • One less app to install
  • Simple and Elegant

5. 1Weather

Last on the list but definitely the most popular and comprehensive weather app is 1Weather. 1Weather has all the weather information you will ever need for your location and packs it into an elegant UI which gives all the required information at a glance including weather forecasts.

1Weather App for Android

It is one of the most comprehensive weather apps available for Android and also makes an excellent tablet version as well. The free app displays ads but there is an in-app purchase to get rid of them.